Steam Alternatives

Here are the best Steam alternatives on the Internet. Please report any problems on our forums. Updated on May 17th 2021.

Promoted Steam Alternatives:

Name Description Currency Store Logo



Direct marketing store that sells steam keys, origin keys, Xbox Live, uplay keys, PSN Codes and time-cards for online games. Get 3% off! Voucher: UNPWR3. Get extra 8% off any software: UNPWR8 USD, EUR, GBPUSD, EUR, GBP SCDKEY



French store. Has 10 different domains for 10 different regions. Prices differ depending on region but some countries are allowed to pick their currency. By hardcore gamers for hardcore gamers since 2004! Our staff is made up of e-sports veteran This is one of the biggest European stores and it’s legit for sure. Customer care 7 days a week! USD, EUR, GBP DLGamer
CD Keys



A very popular CD Key store available worldwide! USD, EUR, GBPUSD, EUR, GBP G2A, Steam Alternatives, Game Keys
Humble Store



From the creators of The Humble Bundle, pretty cool offers, cheap games and some of their profits are going for charity. Nice! USD, EUR, GBPUSD, EUR, GBP The Humble Store



Contains DRM games (Steam, Origin mostly), Metaboli’s download service. Don’t know where to find to find cheap Steam games? You’re in the right place! GBPGBP GamesPlanet

Other stores:

Alternatives Description Currency Store Logo



Polish store available worldwide with great prices.
Get 3% off! Voucher: UNPWR
USD, EUR, GBPUSD, EUR, GBP G2A, Steam Alternatives



Marketplace for game cdkeys. Offers over 13 000 games and great and customer service in 15 languages 24/7. Get 3% off! Voucher: UNPWR USD, EUR, GBPUSD, EUR, GBP Kinguin, Marketplace, Steam Redeemable, CDKeys, Steam keys
Gaming Dragons



Gaming Dragons is what’s left after, the owner is from United Kingdom and is a pretty cool guy, store is legit 100%! USD, EUR, GBP Gaming Dragons



One of the best bundle store out there, indie bundles and games inside. Formerly: Bundle Stars USD, EUR, GBP Fanatical
Gamers Outlet



This store, from USA, which was funded on November 2013, is a long last wish of its owners: Creating a place where people are able to buy games at affordable prices.


We offer a secure, fast, cheap and reliable platform for all to a wide variety of your gaming needs.

USDGBP GamersOutlet



Here’s a nice store, it’s available worldwide in 3 currencies (you can chose GBP, USD or EUR), it’s in English. is an authorized and legit digital distribution platform serving fantastic PC and Mac games at the lowest prices possible.
Get 5% off! Use the special voucher: New code coming soon!
USD, EUR, GBP GameBillet
Gamers 247



New addition to our list, it’s a UK store, running for over 10 years.
Get 15% off! Voucher: UNPWR
USD, EUR, GBP Gamers 247



Direct2Drive is back. USD, EUR, GBP D2D



One of the biggest both retail and digital sellers out there. It is regionally restricted sometimes but you just need to enter any USA address to buy US-specific products. USD Amazon



EA’s distribution system, DRM and regional locked games, regional shops that differ greatly from each other in many cases, poor Live Chat support. USD, EUR, GBPUSD, EUR, GBP Origin



This is basically a Blizzard store (featuring Diablo, StarCraft and Warcraft series). USD, EUR, GBPUSD, EUR, GBP Battlenet
Good Old Games



This Polish store is pretty popular as it has no DRM at all = you can install everything you buy there no matter how many times and no matter where. You need to setup an account and all of your purchases are displayed on a cool looking shelf with covers and setup files. Very nice alternative to Steam especially that it has older games mostly that wouldn’t run on modern hardware/OS without GOG’s help. USD Good Old Games (GOG)



Brazillian store with games, it is not in English but you can buy just fine from any place on planet. USD Nuuvem



The store allows to trade in owned games, great voucher codes that stack with owned games, currency depends on your choice. Probably the best alternative to Steam. USD, EUR, GBP Green Man Gaming



American store with regionally restricted stores (for US, UK and EU). No SSL and regional locked games sometimes. Good prices and lots of offers every week. USD, EUR, GBP GamersGate



One of the first alternatives to anything, it started out with very low prices, pretty good website and not bad customer support. Then they started asking for IDs (because of scams) and even sold some stolen games… Anyway pretty much everyone knows G2Play now – buy at your own risk but it seems to be ok for few years now. Get 3% off! Use the special voucher: UNPWR USD, EUR, GBPUSD, EUR, GBP G2Play


102 responses to “Steam Alternatives”

  1. SHERIFA Avatar

    My proposal is to add into Verified and 100% Guaranteed stores, why ? Before minutes ago I’ve posted here: . You can read there.

    So far no problems, no revokes, no complaints. You can see also their Google Checkout Reviews ~500 satisfied customers so far from all countries around the world, huh !

    Yeah, no store can’t have any problems with some orders, but in the background of so many satisfied customers, that’s nuthin’. And yeah, I’m also from the customers, who’re buyin’ from it from Nov 2010 till now.


    Excellent support, fast delivery, great prices, 100% satisfied customer !

    That’s all folks from me.

  2. mkasu Avatar

    i tried cjs cdkeys… MW2, it took a while to deliver (like a month x_x) because they had issues or something. But then I got working key which is still working now (after 5 months or something). Didn’t bought there a second time, because of the long deliver time, but since they’ve got auto collection system now, they might be a considerable alternative.

  3. usiRev Avatar
  4. pmnox Avatar

    has someone tried ?

  5. Fain Avatar

    Just bought a Settlers 7 key from for 20 USD, while I did not get a picture of the key the key itself works perfectly with Ubisoft (it does NOT work with Steam, but that was correctly mentioned in the shop). Took 2 hours for delivery, no problems, friendly support. Used paypal to pay (moneybookers is an alternative way of payment they accept).

  6. deepsea23 Avatar

    I don’t know about the game key pages. Isn’t that sort of illegal or at least very grey? Also, I found another list here that has some additional shops listed:

  7. happymondays Avatar

    I am still wondering if anyone has tried or not.
    I just don’t want to be the first to do that.

  8. mkasu Avatar

    I’ve also bought two games from

    DoW2 Steam Key several months ago and ME2 EADM key a few days ago. Both worked great, without any problems.. Delivery took some hours but still acceptable speed.

    I’d buy again everytime, full recommendation

  9. Tommy Avatar

    just bought a steam game at

    the shop had the lowest price on net i could find and with the coupon “TLOW” i even got additional 10% off.

    about half an hour later i recieved a mail with a photo of the games cdcase, the cd itself and its (or should i rather say “some”) keys. though the originally game (shown me at the photo) came from russia it does work fine and i had no problems activating it in steam.

  10. Dragoon Avatar


    Thanks, fixed the Impulse link

    Added to “Buy at your own risk”, thanks for the info.

    Bought Bad Company 2(EADM Download) at, got the key the same day.
    A week later I lost the game on EADM.

  11. Rad86N Avatar
    dont know anything about it though.. some guys posted a comment about it here

  12. Rad86N Avatar

    FEAR2 digital download?

  13. joeangry Avatar

    Hi! Why do impulse link is secured http? (https)

  14. happymondays Avatar

    Hi again,

    Although I don’t have any experience with this site, and their games seem to be mostly German, but they have a huge catalogue with fair prices, so it’s worth a look: