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European store:

American store:

1: Get the Downloader

Once your payment has been completed, you can get the Downloader from the Confirmation Page, your Account Page or the Confirmation e-mail. This installs our Downloader (DLM.exe) on your PC, simplifying the game download process.

2: Install the Downloader

Launch the Downloader by double-clicking the DLM.exe file, and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to select a folder in which to download the game installer. We advise using a different folder for each downloaded game. You can then start the download by clicking the appropriate button.

3: Install your game

Once your game has been downloaded, you can install it immediately through the Downloader prompt. Should you want to install it at a later time, just go to the folder you specified earlier and double-click the game .exe file. Please note that the Downloader uninstalls itself from your computer once the download is complete.

And as one of our users spotted:

Steam Unpowered IRC (15:56:33) Juzi:
Steam Unpowered IRC (15:56:56) Juzi:—Gold-Edition.html

Some games are priced equally!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Hun73rdk

    Its still the same crap as steam 1$ = 1€

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  2. 0cube

    true, over here there are also this pricings.
    and here you get the gold edition of company of heroes for 6€. If you are willing to pay 10€ over here, you will get a special item in it (a dog tag is included)

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  3. H4ndy

    Maybe priced equally, but they’re more expensive or even with the retail box, at least in Germany. And I don’t buy a game online if I can get a Box and a DVD for the same price.

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