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One more European gaming store is rising up – it’s called DLGamer. They have a pretty good offer – is it good enough to compete with Steam? It’s up for you to decide. Here’s a little bit more about it:

Founded in 2004 by Stéphane Martinez, DL Gamer is a site for legal download of PC games. Available in nine languages, DL Gamer not only offers complete games, but also beta-testing versions. You can see a video of the game you want before you download it. Finally, DL Gamer offers different kinds of software to download. In three years, the site has established itself among gamers as a major player in the PC games distribution. DLgamer is using Publishers DRM, nothing is added by their services, also sometimes they’re are using a regional restriction on some titles when publishers needs it.

The store is pretty good I suppose, we’re adding the store to the Steam Alternatives. If you know any other good gaming stores please leave a comment!

More news about DLGamer coming up soon!

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  1. Chris Jordan

    Yes, do not buy from this company. They are a horrible business. They’re poor performance is only outmatched by their awful customer service. I tried to preorder a game off of them, and the day the keys were suppose to be sent out, I didn’t receive one. I contacted support, and didn’t get a response. So I filed a dispute with Paypal. As a result they instantly cancelled my order. They’ve tried to claim that I filed a chargeback, but when that was proven to be a lie on their part, they claimed “This sort of behavior is unacceptable! you’re the only responsible of the situation.” Though cancelling an order out of spite is apparently acceptable behavior. They later sent me an email with this in it.

    “There is nothing we can do to change :)
    You should feel good about that,
    You’ve lost your bonus Pre-order”

    Unfortunately for them I didn’t, I ordered it from a better company the second they cancelled my order, and guess what, that company instantly sent me the key.

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