Steam Alternatives: Cleaned out the stores!

Well it’s been way too long since I’ve updated the Steam Alternatives list. Some of the stores on there were already malicious according to Google – sorry about that. I found some extra time during the weekend and looked through every single store on the list (more to come soon). The list is now cleaner and with updated discount codes. Actually when I think about it I’ve shopped in 90% of the stores that are listed there now and never had any problems.

As for the website itself, since we’ve had the Steam group hijacked traffic didn’t really drop that much as people didn’t really seem to care for the group anyway – it was long dead before those folks took it away and left it to die.

Now some good news for die hard Steam Unpowered visitors, we are closing in to our 10 years anniversary on Christmas Eve 2018 – this is when the site launched back in December 24th 2008.

I really can’t thank you guys enough for the suport and random e-mail I get from time to time. Sure I did start to promote those Steam alternative stores back in 2011 I believe but the truth is it’s always a matter of finding the cheapest price available.

Thanks and keep lurking in!

The list of removed Steam alternative stores below:

  • DirectGameKeys
  • Direct2Play (D2P)
  • Desura (had no idea this no longer exists!)
  • CDKeyGamer
  • CDKeysHere
  • OnlineKeyStore
  • (because it’s mostly retail and UK)
  • GameStop (because it’s for USA not worldwide I guess?)
  • CDKey Warehouse (that old Australian website)
  • Game-Mart
  • Game Laden
  • OnePlay
  • ME
  • IGXE and their skin site (fuck game skins, it’s garbage)
  • GamesDeal
  • Imperial Games
  • Sila Games
  • Days2Play

Now back to RDR2!!!

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I run this place! :D

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