Stardock Impulse now with TV Channel

Impulse TV

Stardock launched today ImpulseTV. A new unique feature to its digital distribution platform Impulse.

According to Jason Ocampo.

ImpulseTV Goes Live on Stardock’s Impulse Digital Distribution Platform

There’s a lot of real gems out there that people would normally never hear about. With ImpulseTV, we hope to shed some light on great games – both famous and unknown.

Basically ImpulseTV is video channel embedded  into Impulse.

Currently 8 videos are available to watch. Including a ImpulseTV exclusive Sins of a Solar Empire Trinity and Star Trek Online feature video clip. Both are narrated by Jason Ocampo and Brain Clair from Stardock.

It is a interesting new feature not seen anywhere else. Certainly ImpulseTV bring some spice into the battle between Steam and Impulse. I like ImpulseTV, but I’m curious if it will develop into anything else than a pastime amusement.

CEO of Stardock Brad Wardell states:

We will be constantly enhancing the features of ImpulseTV over the course of the next year. With ImpulseTV, fans obtain access to intelligent, honest conversations about games and everything they might need to make a decision about purchasing that game – everything from video, commentary, online friends who have that game, chats, discussions and more all in one. It really enhances the Impulse package as a whole and I’m proud of what the team has accomplished.

If you have already Impulse installed just launch and it will auto-update to the newest version.

Otherwise visit Stardock’s download store at to get Impulse.

Stay tuned! :)

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