Some free stuff on Game Getter!

Hey, hope you’re not dead from all the holiday food you ate, here’s another round of free games,this time from Game Getter. Simply go there and share with the page with your friends to get the following games:

Have fun and stay tuned for our own giveaways on our Steam group!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Faark

    Yes, free games are great but this is a “how do most advertising aka work for us”-competition. Nothing against you btw, its that shops fault.

    Btw first offer was gone as i noticed that post. Stupid “be one of the first”-stuff… i would prefer some random draws, too ;)

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  2. wormmayhem

    because nobody wants invite 200 friends to TRY win ? lol

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  3. stranded

    Why so low rating? You people think we’re trying to get these? Those are NOT referral links.

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