Nintendo Wii U announced!

I don’t know if you guys are watching the E3 right now, I do cause I’m a little ill lately and have nothing else to do, but today there was a Nintendo conference which practically blew everything away with their new Nintendo Wii U. It’s going to have this cool new controler (see below) and hardware capable of displaying 1080p graphics featuring games like Battlefiled 3 and many others. I think it’s safe to say that Microsoft and Sony just got their asses kicked!
And here’s a shot of the new console:
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  1. stranded

    yes, I saw that one too, however 98% of Microsoft’s conference was about motion games, mostly family motion games which sucked…

    However they did announce Halo remake, Halo 4, new Forza and this fun thing called Fun Labs if I remember correctly.

    Most of their presentation was very embarrassing to watch (kids faking good fun, Ice T “playing” Gears of War 3 etc.).

    Sony got Koby Bryant and he sucked with the Move… other than that Sony did pretty good with Uncharted 3, their 3D TV bundle (24 inch TV, 3D glasses, Resistance 3 and HDMI cable for $499) and split screen on 3D glasses, so that everyone sees their own screen on FULL screen in their own glasses. That was fucking cool.

    They did however fuck it up with PlayStation Vita, it was too long and I hate handhelds.

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  2. slay

    sweet, I heard, that Microsoft is improving also XBox and Kinect and there will be lots of games supporting Kinect, like Mass Effect 3, Halo 4 etc

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