Microsoft Windows 10 Event is now live!

Update #2: Well Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a nice improvement but right now they’ve showed Microsoft Surface Book – first ever notebook made by Microsoft, looks pretty badass. It has Gorilla Glass screen which you can touch, amazing keyboard and nice hinges on the 13″ screen. It has a GPU by NVIDIA. Battery life is 12 hours. The guy just copied a file from a flash drive (3GB) to the desktop in like 5 seconds which was amazing. And by the way you can make a tablet out of it, it has a fully reversable screen that you can fold or even detach it from the base.

Update #1: They’ve showed a couple of nice things about Windows 10 Continuum feature (basically turning your phone into PC with USB-C cable), also showed new phones Lumia 950 ($549) and Lumia 950 XL ($649). Surface Pro 4 coming up next!

You seriously need to see this, so far they’ve shown a new demo (which was pretty cool!) of Microsoft Holo Lens and Microsoft Band. More to come! Click here to watch.

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  1. MrEvilRobot

    I’m so horny for surface book, must have it <3

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  2. tommerr

    Sorry about offtopic, but I dont know, how can I inform you, so I write here.
    Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 is currently free on Origin!!
    So take it guys, till you can.

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