Is there any deal?

Hey guys, a creator of contacted me if I could post about it on the site so I’m doing it now. The website is showing and comparing deals from Steam, GamersGate, Impulse, GreenManGaming, Desura and Get Games for four main regions.

The website contains several features:

  • site is updating every hour
  • it’s easy to see how many deals there actually are
  • one game has price tags in one row, so it is easy to select the cheapest one (and sometimes there are quite big differences)
  • search and filter is very fast because it is all done by javascript


So there you have it, if you like the website go visit it, bookmark it or whatever, if you don’t like the website… then don’t.

Thank you for your time *back to watching E3*.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Theon

    Sweet! :D

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  2. IsThereAnyDeal

    I will do my best to add as many shops and regions as possible. However, speaking of Direct2Drive, it’s there for US and UK region and GamesPlanet for UK momentarily.

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  3. mysk

    Good one.

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  4. Kossak

    not only games planet – there’s more shops to add like GOG, EA Store, Direct2Drive…
    I don’t understand why adding GreenManGaming/Desura while Direct2Drive is much bigger store?

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  5. rottencat

    I like it. Thanks!

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  6. Wraith

    He should add gamesplanet to the list

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