In Brazil, users can break the DRM

Brazil just changed it’s approach to DRM.

Under the law recently passed the content provider may not use mechanisms to block access to files, which you can dispose by so-called fair use.

The rules in Brazil are very different from the rules applicable in such countries like the USA. Americans in contrast to the Brazilians may be convicted for breaching security each time in some way to circumvent the DRM locks.

Even if the song, software or the book is its author.

Meanwhile in Brazil everyone can purchase their music or book or software, do whatever they want – of course if they does not break the Brazilian law. It is possible to break the DRM and other activities to which you are entitled under fair use.

Moreover, the publisher, who by the use of DRM restricts users to their right to dispose of the purchased asset, may incur a fine.

Now we can only hope that other countries are going to take an example from Brazil and modify their law in such a way.

Source: boingboing

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    Congraz to Brazil for that law..
    and more congraz for your girls like the one on the picture ! :)

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