Important news about Duke Nukem Forever!

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  1. 0cube

    Benki, It is a joke because the first date for may, america was first and RoW was 4 days later… Now the other way around? I don’t think so… Gearbox made a joke, or a typo.
    Also, “you” europeans… Wtf? I am from europe aswell and I know what te hell you are talking about, no reason to ‘teach me a lesson’ there.
    And please don’t start a topic on piracy here… If anybody would pirate it because they can’t wait 4 days more, they wouldn’t have bought the game anyways…

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  2. Benki

    0cube, if you think that’s a joke then you should see the treatment us Europeans get with every other game. Even games developed by European developers come out in America first a lot of the time, so I think it’s pretty fair that we at least get this.

    I reckon it’d be better if there was just one release date everywhere with PC games, it would at least help a little with piracy.


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  3. Krekeris

    This days everyone is trolling.

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  4. 0cube

    its a joke… check the dates june 14th in america and june 10th internationally? in the may release date, america was first –> its a joke

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