Red Orchestra 2: How did they fuck this up?

Anyone got Red Orchestra 2? Here’s how the game looked like 1 year ago:

It looks fucking BADASS right?!

At the moment everyone who already has the game knows that this is 100% bullshit, the game is almost completly unplayable, it crashes for many people and works like shit (just Google/look on Red Orchestra 2 forums for FPS drops, stability problems and “rogame.exe not responding”). I have no idea what happened, I thought a great developer like TripWire Interactive wouldn’t fuck this up but unfortunately they did. The game doesn’t even look like on the video above and it runs a lot worse even on very powerful rigs.

Here are some random shots (Medium mixed with Ultra settings):



How did they fuck up such a great engine like Unreal Engine 3.0+ it’s beyond me, most of the games on it work amazingly good even on consoles – Borderlands, Bulletstorm, Batman Arkham Asylum, Gears of War series and many more. So right now all we can do is wait…for another patch…


Oh and here’s a video from March 2011, look how drastically the game changed (looks a lot more like what we have today but the GUI is still better):

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  1. 0cube

    Hmm it runs fine for me…

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  2. izemize

    I must agree. Though I like their ideas on some new gameplay elements, the execution is simply poor. I don’t like, that you can run and gun in this game compared to the first one. I admit it is fun, but it’s too easy to kill people and I don’t think they’ll change this, which is pretty alienating to old fans.

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