Holiday sale is on, games for 0,99$

Looks like the holiday sale is on!

They still didn’t fix the prices, but some games are for 0,99$!

See the full list here!


Official news here!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. merolen

    Still most of the games are more expensive than in a local store:( I really want to buy Bioshock, but then I would break my boycott of Steam :P GTA4 is still expensive as hell, and only 10% off.

    But I have to add that beside the pricing thing Steam is perfect!

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  2. Pyro Gourmand

    thx for the advices (Bioschock, Goo, etc) :D

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  3. Karma_Police

    For World of Goo, buy it from the developers store. At least they get all the money (minus paypal fees), Valve gets nothing, and you pay the same (actually a little less).

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  4. jbg

    Thx for the Bioshock info, im getting the game :)! (What a great site this steamunpowered… I love u guyz :) ^^)

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  5. stranded

    True, most of them are shit. But remember you can always ask for gifts from you American friends (if you have any), I did and my friend got 6 games for me – almost 2 times cheaper than in €.

    But those 3 titles I’ve mentioned above are really worth it!

    I think you should take advantage of those lower prices, especially because THQ did us a favor the same with BioShock devs (2K Games?).

    Anyway back to games ;D

    BioShock is clean.

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