Halloween Giveaway update!

Just wanted to say that all game prizes have now been sent to the winners! Special message to the Bundle Stars Supernatural Bundle winners here.

To activate the codes, you first need to add the bundle to your cart.

Then, when on the basket page you can enter the code in the bottom left hand side of the page where it says ‘Got a pre-pay code? Click here to redeem’:

The bundle should then be free! Have fun :)

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Romex

    I just received my keys, and it worked fine, thank you :)

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  2. stranded

    You will receive your game keys directly from Bundle Stars on your e-maill addresses! :)

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  3. stranded

    oh man sorry about that, contacted Bundle Stars…

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  4. Romex

    Same here.

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  5. Panzerscout

    Bundle is not available anymore on Bundlestars. How to add it to cart then?

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