GoG is going down and Great Adventure Bundle.

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Sad news, this is a bit surprising, we didn’t get much of a warning.


Though, you’ll be still able to download the games according to their official message.

Thanks to seb2net for the heads up.

We’ve already covered the indie bundle, so we might as well cover a bundle which may be of interest to point’n’clickers out there: http://www.telltalegames.com/adventurebundle

A share of the money spent goes to charity.


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I run this place! :D

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  1. Dragoon

    I hope too. I found this on a polish website.

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  2. happymondays

    Hey guys,

    They’re just kidding, read between the lines.
    Next week something really cool is going to come on gog.com. :)
    Although I’m a bit pissed off, since I wanted to get the Codemasters Pack, but with this they’ve taken off the promo. Hope they are going to try to satisfy me in some way.

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  3. jimmy

    OMG… its only ends of beta stage… GoG will return!

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  4. Xan

    I really don’t know what the problem was, were they making too little money? Were pirates abusing the DRM free games and seeding copies? I don’t get it.

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  5. Dragoon

    That came surprising and makes me very sad. GoG was such a great service. Sorry to hear it didn’t worked out. I hope some successor will rise.

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  6. Xan

    And just when I bought 2 games from them :/

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  7. mik0

    I don’t know. It’s a sad thing.
    But if they know and didn’t say anything and sold game until yesterday, with more coming, well it’s not fair to the end user.
    Also it’s not fair if the service shutdown, it is supposed to stay up to grant people a way to redownload their software.
    Also closing down and go for another challenge it’s not fair also. Too easy. No more challenge until promise are manteined, that would be fair.
    I understand that Gog was peculiar, and I hope that this failure won’t be associated with the idea of going drm-free because that is not a market issue, but a publishers issue (they probably think that drm-free sell less…).
    Also probably the hard competition with other service provider with better hook and far wider user base has brought them less new contract and customers.

    I hope to see more information in the next days.

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  8. slay


    The king is dead, long live the king!
    Here is the history of GoG:

    I managed to get the picture on 2nd attempt (first was long long load and blank page). Here is the screenshot of the announcement:

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  9. MarkAltair


    i loved gog.

    and i putted all my hopes in them to replay DARK EARTH , system shock 1 & 2.



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  10. Black_Hand

    im speechless….

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