GOG.com is not shutting down, the end of beta is here!

Don’t believe everything you read, even on official websites. The message that can be read on GOG.com says:


According to Polygamia.pl GOG is not shutting down at all, here’s a source link (Polish). One of the GOG developers Michał Kamiński posted a message on Banker.pl:

Uwaga, data konferencji to pewnie 22gi sroda wczesnym wieczorem. Informacja o tym wkrotce na GOG.com (prosze nie robic paniki po przeczytaniu informacji tam umieszczonych:). Prosze pamietac, ze to konferencja on-line, pierwszy raz w taki sposob organizowana:)
Praktycznie zamknelismy kalendarz konferencji i oficjalne info wyslemy o tym w pon-wt.

Which basically means:

Warning, date of conference it’s most likely Wednesday 22nd in the evening. Information about this soon on GOG.com (don’t panic after reading information posted there:). Please remember that it’s an online conference, organized for the first time:)
We practically closed our conference calendar and official info will be sent on monday, tuesday.






19 responses to “GOG.com is not shutting down, the end of beta is here!”

  1. Sherril Voita Avatar

    Peachy! What an outstanding thought article. Thank-you for making me meditate exaggeratedly during the entirety midnight :-)

  2. Xan Avatar


    Dude I posted that 2 hours before you lol

  3. Xan Avatar


    This source claims that GoG is being bought out by Valve

    The horror o_o

  4. Piter Avatar

    Its a digital distribution site that specializes in old games. The price range is either 5.99 or 9.99. It’s games’ installers are modernized to work on new hardware and has no drm!

  5. Pyro Gourmand Avatar
    Pyro Gourmand

    “Don’t believe everything you read?”
    ^ That doesn’t mean you should drop critical thinking when you’re reading “honest people” articles :)


    I seriously don’t know what the “GoG Management” plan is…

    * if it’s a PR stunt it’s a total failure (who on earth would say “we’re closing… NOT ! haha” to bring customers oO)

    * if it’s a “GoG.com – Now with DRM !”, then the DRM-advocates definitely won the war and we’re scr*wed/f*cked/doomed or whatever you say when you know you can’t do anything anymore

    * if it’s just “GoG.com – no longer in beta, we have a full client app now with community features and more !”, why the lack of announcement and teasing on that ?!

    * If it’s “GoG.com – Game Over”, then this is the real end of gaming.

    If “respect” in the publisher-developers-gamers interactions is no longer compatible with the video game market, I quit buying games and will do something else ; I really don’t want to spend my free time in that kind of hostile environment. Gaming supposed to be fun dammit ! :(

  6. stranded Avatar

    Read the whole thing on Polygamia. It’s a start of new “era” for GOG.

  7. RD Avatar

    How’s it not shutting down? That quote doesn’t say anything about “the end of beta”.

  8. mik0 Avatar

    If it’s a PR prank than I don’t like it. It should not be allowed to use marketing that way and should be punished heavily.

  9. stranded Avatar

    I didn’t post that.

  10. Ercan Kazaz Avatar
    Ercan Kazaz

    Don’t believe everything you read? Hey you said it is shutting down before remember?


  11. JonGrimes Avatar

    Bad, bad PR stunt….
    So stupid to trick their faithful customers while their competitor DotEmu (http://www.dotemu.com) is moving forward quickly !

  12. Dragoon Avatar

    This was a so evil PR stunt I hope they go out of business. ;)
    just kidding

  13. MarkAltair Avatar

    god exists !

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