GamesPlanet: Crusader Kings II

There’s a good deal on GamesPlanet right now. Crusader Kings II (which can be activated on Steam) is for £7.50. If you’re into strategy games, check it out. On their sister site (GameTap) the same game is in USD for $9.99!

Update: It turned out that this key format cannot be activated on Steam! Sorry guys.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Fizzblizz

    It seems that there is a retail version that is not attached to Steam..Gamersgate also carries the non-Steam version. The key from Gamesplanet also looks different.

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    1. stranded

      OK sorry about that, I had no idea, it was not intentional. I will update the news post.

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  2. Fizzblizz

    Wrong info, not Steam redeemable! Lost 10 bucks to find out. I need the Steam key because I want to play the Linux version, which is only available on Steam.

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