Game loot boxes to be banned in Europe?

If you played some multiplayer games for the past 5 or so years you do realize that all popular titles contain some sort of drops that turn into random prizes. So if you’re getting a loot box out of Overwatch, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or recently… Star Wars Battlefront II, watch out because Belgium wants it banned all over Europe.

Belgium’s Gaming Commission (yes, that’s a thing) announced that it had launched an investigation into whether the loot boxes available for purchase in games like Overwatch constitute a form of gambling.

Today one of the biggest news sites in Belgium, VTM News reported that the ruling is in, and the answer is yes.

Then shortly after that announcement Belgium’s Gaming Commission has not actually finalized its decision on whether loot boxes are gambling. The site says the statement that appeared in the original report, stating that the “mixture of money and addiction is a game of chance,” is descriptive of the investigation’s intent rather than its conclusion.

Source: PC Gamer


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  1. trancemansion

    I don’t play those shitty games anyway. They are for stupid kids with a lot of money. I preffer RPG games where is a story and some meaning, not just splashy random gun shooting games.

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  2. Chaser

    Really hope loot boxes will be banned.

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