Free game: Plants VS Zombies

Use the code PEAH8R on October 30th through November 10th on and get Plants VS Zombies for free!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. rpg481

    OK people since most of you are struggling on how to get this game just follow this instructions!!

    1. Go to this website and scroll all the way down
    2. The you should see a box, when you see the box copy and paste this link
    3.Then follow the instructions
    4. Check you e-mail and follow the instructions.. Then if all worked HOORAY!!

    Happy Gaming!!

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  2. Alexandru Alex

    nice :)
    correct link don’t work or madproxy or somehow….

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  3. tdyhim

    so, any help ? how to get the game ?

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  4. Vanapapi

    Use, but it’s still unclear how to actually use it?

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  5. Loustic

    “Sorry, only residents of the US are eligible for this promotion”

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  6. stranded

    I have no idea, we have to wait and see.

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  7. Mendozacheers

    Steam code? “)

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