European Commission responds

It seems several people who have sent out complaints as according to the
1€ ≠ 1$ announcement ( click ) have received a reply from the European Commission.

Here is a picture of the response:


The person responding appears to be not understanding the issue. Or is it that we did not understand the issue at the time? We must be reminded that the original issue was 1 euro being 1 dollar, thus the group name “1€ ≠ 1$“.

Later on it became apparent that Steam UK was way cheaper and that certain European countries did not charge VAT for software, or even use the European currency at all.

But let’s not forget the other letter mentioning. The person mentions several other arguments that do apply to the matters that I just named. If you read the letter well, you can see that the person says different pricing in European countries is not an “exception”, but in in fact “a rule”.

Here is my reply to this letter trying to clarify the matter, and hopefully get some answers which are helpful:


I will keep you guys updated with any news on this matter.





3 responses to “European Commission responds”

  1. psyclog Avatar

    Yeah, reply won’t be read. And I am glad about it, as I don’t consider this specific reply very well-written. Your other news about filing a new complaint against EU trade barriers with the UK store and dubious VAT practices make more sense, as it’s about a legal issue.

    You see, you are right concerning your GTA IV example, but what is the EU gonna do about it? It’s unfair, but Valve can charge whatever the heck they want. The issue is, as you have pointed out in the newer complaint news, the blocked access to the UK store for residents from other EU member states.

  2. Malty Avatar

    Hmm.. I got the exact same reply.

    Like you said, the person responding missed the fact that distribution takes place digitally. I doubt your reply will do much good, since the address seems to belong to a mailer, rather than someone’s personal box.

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