Crap Alert: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

Seriously, I advise you to avoid the crappiest game port I have ever seen.

  • no graphical options (or any reasonable options at all)
  • no RESOLUTION change options,
  • no other than 360 gamepads support (!)
  • and so on

It’s on Unreal Engine 3 so basically you can edit out the options in INI files, but that’s not the fucking way you treat a customer.

And finally price in Europe as usual is a freaking rip off: 10,79€ in EU and  $8.99 in USA – which is like 6,5€ (+VAT).

I don’t know about you guys but I’d leave them a comment on their official site (yes, Facbook page is an official website these days…: Official website


I know it’s sad and pathetic but It should be more like that:

Stay away and play some good games! Way to fuck up a classic…. Torchlight 2 soon though!!!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Maxobiwan

    For Dark Soul, developpers tried… but they are not used to work on PC. For this port, they added some features. At least, it’s the same game on both machines.

    Activision developpers are used to work on PC, and they also cut features ! :/
    It’s worst !
    i think I’ll continue playing Tony Hawks 2 offered by my Choco Pops cereal

    Thanks for the alert, I will spread the message

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  2. tacc

    “Seriously, I advise you to avoid the crappiest game port I have ever seen. ”

    Take a look at Dark Souls.

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