If you like games like Mario Brothers go ahead and buy Braid on Steam.

The author made it clear (on his blog or something) that he wants those prices to be equal around the world. And guess what, they are!

Although this IS weird:


The prices are equal, don’t forget we, European folks, always had to pay the VAT. Excluding Norway and other non-VAT-paying countries.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Rad-86

    ye.. by adding 19%(CZ) tax to the 15usd price, I get even higher than with the € price.. but, my contact pays with dollars and has no tax on digital store.. even with paypal fees, its cheaper to have my game gifted from his account..

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  2. glubbar

    I think the price was right, because if you add VAT, it ends up at around that price.
    And Steam also includes updates for the game and stuffs.
    -So does Impulse and Greenhouse by the way.-

    I bought it.

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  3. MoonieK

    Rad-86 add vat to us price and you will have close to 17 $ only UK is cheaper but in my point of view its becouse games are cheap in retail and no one will buy anything on steam

    the best example new company of heroes

    on steam price 29.99 pound
    in you will never belive price is 17.99 with delivery;6;-1;-1;-1&sku=917540&

    so like you see buing in retail will give you Braid + Company of heroes cheper then only company of heroes on steam

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  4. Amadeus

    Bought it, fair price, nice game =)

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  5. Rad-86

    euro price should be about 11-11.5 €..
    anyways.. i stopped buying from steam via my account..
    get some friends in other regions, so you can always choose the price that suits you.. Valve guys will never get their heads from their dollar asses

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  6. Rad-86

    quite a BS– equal like a shit
    us.. 14.99usd
    uk.. 9.99gbp -> 14.6460usd
    cz.. 12.99€ -> 17.1041usd

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