Apple DRM update breaks apps


Simple as that: the latest FairPlay* update made several different apps impossible to use.

Also, first help from Apple, “delete, reinstall and it will work fine”, was of no use.


Has the problem been tracked down? Solved maybe? I don’t care.

The money I spend always works, never needs a patch or an authentication to be used.

Once again, a DRM does nothing but getting in the way of legit customers.


*: FairPlay is a digital rights management (DRM) technology created by Apple Inc.

FairPlay? Calling a DRM “FairPlay” is like calling “Sweet Caress of Tenderness” a kick in the nuts. This aside, at least they’ve been honest, calling thing a thing, instead of “ZOMG! Our new thingie is definitely the latest frontier in digital delivery, social networks and technobabble”.

Yes Origin and UPlay, I’m talking to you.



Source: Guardian

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  1. mik0

    They should implement, by law, a way to make the money of the purchase (for games or software that has drm) available in a sort of online service. When the customer buy something, it’s money goes there. But they are not make immediately available to the seller, they are slowly transferred only while the customers is able to use what he paid for. An for every kind of inefficiency that make the customers unable to use it, the money going the other way back to him, even surpassing the initial value. That way if you still want to “protect” your software with drm, you should make it flawless or you’ll end up paying the customers instead of get money from them.

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