Another reason to think that Steam is garbage


Impulse already released Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. Speed it up Gabe.


FUCK YOU. I can’t even imagine how long is Tales of Valor going to download.

You’re probably bored with my whining today but I gotta say this.

Today Company of Hereos had an update from version 2.400 to 2.500 (2.501 if you have the latest add-on, Tales of Valor).

You can easily see that this patch is 1.38GB (source).

Now what’s that all about?

Well some of us (like 6 people) have been downloading this update over few hours now. We’ve downloaded over 1GB each and Steam still shows 37% completed (Steam was NOT restarted during this download).

Just see this:

Oh and do not even think of downloading Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts updates together – both games have the same files (they are not separate games) and downloading them both at once results in downloading the same thing two times in a row.

This fucking sucks.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. mcbutt

    Steam makes up stupid rules about refunds so they don’t have to give refunds.

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  2. tmihai20

    Yes, you are right, this is a problem. I am a new customer to Steam since last December, they fucked up pretty much with the 1 euro=1 USD issue, but this doesn’t mean we have to trash them like that every time there is a problem. I also don’t we will get any justice regarding the 1 euro=1 USD, we have to be good clients and just hunt for the best offers.

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  3. A vulpine Fox

    Stranded’s lost it. This site is pretty much worth giving up on now.

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  4. stranded

    It has to be harsh for (most) Americans.

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  5. glubbar

    I kind of agree with Betonář.

    Whining that way make the site less credible.

    So ok there seem to be a problem with Steam here, but the way you explain it is perhaps a bit too harsh.

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  6. stranded


    Are you fucking stupid? Read it again you fucking moron. It’s not about ONE GIGA BYTE, it’s about STEAM REDOWNLOADING SEVEN (7, siedem kurwa) GIGA BYTES.

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  7. zarathustra

    I really don’t understand the problem – are you annoyed at the patch being over a gig in size? That’d take me about 5 minutes to download – why not speak to your provider about getting a fatter pipe? Perhaps you need more HD space? Again, not Valve’s fault.

    Steam pretty-much _never_ crashes on me; I love the selection of games – from hardcore FPS & Strategy to casual gaming with Peggle & World of Goo, etc. to old classics a la Lucasarts or even the Oddworld games.

    I honestly have nothing negative to say about Steam now that the store supports sterling…

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  8. Betonář

    So far it was. What should be more serious then complain to European Commission ? We all are upset about steam actions but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose temper. It woould be really sad to lost only one site which (so far) objectively informed us about Steam actions.

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  9. stranded

    This site was never meant to be serious.

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  10. Betonář

    @stranded: I am kinda shocked by your actiins in last days. If I am not mistaken You have always the one who says “I have nothing against steam only against Steam EU Prices. Yes Steam is not 100% perfect aplication/distribution platform but is best ever made. We have seen plenty of news which inform only about prices in $, why do you make such noice now ? Man please realise that if you want to keep this site serious you have to be polite, these last “fucking” news doesn’t look like they were posted by adult men.

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  11. Pyro Gourmand

    my 2-cent about this :

    well this article sounds a little “blog”-iest, but it shows how Steam handle the games it’s selling : “not so bad”, so they think it’s largely enough.

    “lot’s of garbage with Steam over the last 5 months or so” +1, especially over the last month :
    => Steam froze and crash more often, small Steam client updates take 25 min to install, update system bug/restart, more “this game is not available” bugs, I reinstalled Steam recently, same problems :/

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  12. Rubber Robber

    Yeah, lot’s of garbage with Steam over the last 5 months or so. It feels like they’ve abandoned every thought of having a good image amongst their customers…

    Like in “Now we’ve earned what we went for, now let’s just squeeze the lemon as long as possible with the least possible manpower…”

    I am really sad about this. Until December 2008 they were at least pretending to be a decent company, but now? They don’t give a rat’s ass about us. I am not an evil person, but they deserve to go bankrupt…

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