Aliens: Colonial Marines for 17€, Steam redeemable

Check out this nice deal for the brand new Aliens game. I know it probably sucks balls but if you’re bored and want something new in your Steam library for just 17€ now’s a good chance.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. laserad

    I honestly thought they fixed all the shit with this game after 2+months. I wanted to buy it on launch but seeing the amount of clusterfux at the forums I figured it was another Duke Nukem and let it go. Now. Its not a bad game but after playing for 2 hours including a bit of MP I have to say even the 17€ is an unjustified pricepoint.

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  2. Johnni Sørensen

    I’ll wait for the GOTY edition for like 10€ anything else than that (beside cheaper) would be a ripoff

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