Weekend Deals (13.12.2015)

Ho ho ho! December 13th is on and we have some holiday deals starting up :D Tom Clancy's The Division €27.28 / $29.99 / £19.76   Killer Bundle 6 - 41 Steam games inside - for €4.79 / $5.26 / £3.47 20% off voucher: 20PERC-DECMBR-SVINGS 25 Years of Team 17 Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR XCOM: Enemy Unknown - The Complete Edition  €3.95 / $4.34 / £3.86 Train Simulator 2016 €8.95 / $9.83 / £6.48 Overlord II €2.49 /…


GamesPlanet: List of deals for the weekend, 2K games on sale!

Here are some deals that you’ll be able to get on GamesPlanet: Title Start End Promo Price in GBP Borderlands 2 GOTY 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 19,99 NBA 2K14 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 14,99 XCOM: Enemy Unknown 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 7,50 XCOM: Enemy Within 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 10,00 BioShock Infinite 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 6,66 The Bureau: XCOM Declassified 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 5,00 Spec Ops: The Line 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 5,00 Dark Souls - Prepare to Die Edition 21/02/2014 23/02/2014…


Get 3 free games when you pre-purchase BioShock Infinite

Here’s a nice promo from Green Man Gaming. Pre-purchase BioShock Infinite now and you will get the original BioShock game and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, plus one of the following games free: Spec Ops The Line, Civilization V, Bioshock 2, Mafia 2, Darkness II. This is probably by far the best deal out there now. 60$ for US ~46€, 37,49€ for EU, 23,99GBP for UK ~28€. For this you'll get BioShock…


Sleeping Dogs and XCOM on sale, Steam redeemable

Sleeping Dogs Limited Edition is now on sale for £7.49. This is GTA-like but Asian. Pretty badass from the makers of Just Cause 2. (Fixed thanks to @ercankazaz on Twitter! Sorry for the mix up). Another one is XCOM: Enemy Unknown for £14.99. Pretty good remake of a classic game, I only played the demo but it was fun enough.


Green Man Gaming explains Australian/New Zealand pricing

Here’s a friendly message from Green Man Gaming with some information about price differences in Australia and New Zealand.     Hi - we have had a number of enquiries about price increases on Borderlands 2 and XCOM Enemy Unknown in Australia and New Zealand.  This was done at the request of the publisher based on local retailer feedback.  We would rather not have had to do this but we…