Quick look at Days Under Custody, giveaway soon!

Hey guys, another developer contacted me and provided a really nice indie title to giveaway and I've decided to introduce it with some screenshots and a gameplay video as usual. This time we're playing an indie game in a pretty nice pixel art form. It's a point and click adventure game with some spooky elements. The game starts in your character's room where some strange things happen and you have…


Giveaway thanks to SkinJoker!

I'm happy to announce that we're having a nice giveaway sponsored by SkinJoker! What can you win? An amazing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive knife: Falchion Kinfe | Night (Minimal Wear). How to win? Simply participate below - the giveaway ends in 6 days: SkinJoker & SteamUnpowered Good luck! :)

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