Bundle Stars: Summer Sale Highlights + Tuesday Deals!

Here are more highlights from the Bundle Stars Summer Sale guys!


Additional deals from the past few days:


Bundle Stars: May Madness & BundleFest highlights!

MAY MADNESS is still on! Save an extra 5% off with the voucher MAY5 at checkout.

Here are the highlights!

And highlights from the BundleFest:

Amazon: Digital Games Mayhem


Amazing sale on Amazon! Check these out:

Just make sure to use a fake USA address at checkout!

Four deals from GameFly, Steam redeemable


Publisher Title SRP £ % Disc Sale Price From To
Square Tomb Raider £29.99 33% £19.99 16-Apr 18-Apr
Deep Silver Dead Island GOTY £19.99 66% £6.79 16-Apr 18-Apr
Deep Silver Saints Row The Third Full Package £29.99 66% £9.99 16-Apr 18-Apr
Deep Silver Metro 2033 £11.99 66% £3.99 16-Apr 18-Apr


GameFly: Saints Row 3 Full Package, Steam redeemable

If you always wanted to run around with dildos on the streets of some crazy city now you can, even in coop. Saints Row The Third Full Package is on GameFly for only £7.49. The game and all of it’s DLCs is of course Steam redeemable because it uses Steamworks. I know that the game was for cheap on the Humble THQ Bundle but without the DLC. Anyway you can get it in here.

Full Package

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New Humble Bundle is sweet, THQ games for 5 bucks!

THQ Bundle

Check out the newest Humble Bundle. I was really skeptical after seeing the announcement of a new bundle but when I saw it I got it right away.

For just around $5 you’re getting:

  • Company of Heroes with all add-ons
  • Metro 2033
  • Red Faction: Armageddon
  • Darksiders
  • Saints Row The Third (when you pay above the minimum)


Saints Row The Third does not want to activate in Germany although Humble Bundle team responded they can fix it:

We should be able to fix this for you, please contact us a contact(at)humblebundle(dot)co­m and we should be able to fix this.

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