Reminder: Avoid The Division!

I see that The Division is on sale on various sites this weekend, even on Steam itself it's 40% off. This game sucks bad, it's nothing like on the trailers and pre-release footage (well it's Ubisoft, duh!!). After you finish the main story there's nothing to do in the game and you will simply waste your cash. The game is full of cheaters, the whole world is dull, New York…


Reminder: Get DOTA 2 for free from here!

I keep getting invites on Steam from people who want DOTA 2, it’s frustrating. Please do this:   Want free DOTA 2 invite? Add the bot to your friends and type “give dota” without quotes. Have Dota 2 and want to get rid of it? Add the bot to trade and add all Dota’s.