Iron Harvest first trailer now available!

You seriously gotta see this one, it’s a strategy (RTS) game for PC and the potato stations. What is it? Giant mechs in alternative 1920’s.  Base building similar to Company of Heroes, what else do you need? Can’t wait to play this one.

You can read more about the game in here.

Check out the trailer below:

Quick look at HATRED

Who doesn’t like some violence in games? Anyone? I thought so. Just finished a couple of hours with HATRED. I really thought it would be kind of overhyped title, with all the Steam Greenlight drama that happened few months ago. I was wrong.


The game is pretty entertaining even though it has a pretty controversial, sick concept. The guns feel nice and the destruction around you (houses, furniture, cars etc) are really nice looking. The title is kind of demanding on my good old i7 2600K and an old GeForce 560 GTX but it’s playable (need to upgrade asap..). Update: The game uses Unreal Engine 4 by the way.

Your name is not important – just as the main character states – and your goal is to kill as many as you can. Check out some screenshots below, I really like the lights and Sin City-like style in this game.

Here is a quick gameplay video thanks to Zuko:

If like some shooting and psychopathic atmosphere go get this one, it’s worth it :)

Remember you can still win this game by leaving a comment on this page thanks to Destructive Creations!

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