European Commission fines Valve Software 1.8 million euros for regional price blocking

Well here’s something I didn’t really expect to see. Few years ago European Commission launched an investigation into violation of European Union’s laws by companies like Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home Interactive, Koch Media, Zenimax and of course Valve Software – the owner of Steam. The case is now over (or is it?).


Metro Exodus developer doesn’t respect PC gamers

One of the Metro Exodus developers posted online that if you don't like their brand new Metro Exodus game released on Epic Games Store only they don't need to release their next game on PC at all in the future. You can read more about it here on Steam Community. The original post by scynet on If this guy is crazy enough to leave comments like that maybe he shouldn't be in the team in the first place. Didn't they learn from EA Games and Battlefield 5 disaster? Too bad that thanks to this guy the whole dev team and the brand in general is going to downfall.


Is Xbox One X worth it if you’re a PC gamer?

There are certain games that you just have to play because you’re either a fan of some franchise or just know that it’s going to be amazing. This is when Red Dead Redemption 2 comes to mind. If you’ve played Rockstar Games titles over the last decade you probably do realize that their products tend to be more complex, innovative (I hate that word) and bigger than ever with each new installment. (more…)


Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC

Y'all probably heard of that LinkedIn leak, right? Some guy working for Rockstar Games admitted on his profile that he worked on the PC version of RDR2 - it has been confirmed by the mods of Red Dead Redemption subreddit. It's just a matter of time until we see the official announcement because you know they gotta milk the consoles first, then the next-next-gen consoles (2020?) and probably we'll get the improved version of the game by then on the PC. Is it worth the wait? I think it is, will we play it on the current gen consoles first though? I think most of us are going to do that, even if they have to buy the console especially for RDR2, I guess I'm gonna have to buy the Xbox One X now (check out the enhanced RDR on the console). At least it runs kind of good comparing to the standard consoles. Also they are bringing native mouse and keyboard suport to Xbox so that might be the cheapest portable gaming computer soon. We'll see because Microsoon...  


E3 2016 Press Conference time zones!

The E3 starts today guys, in case you have no idea when, here are the time zones for the following days! EA E3 2016 conference times - Sunday June 12th Europe: 10pm (CEST) West Coast US: 1pm (PDT) East Coast US: 4pm (EDT) Bethesda E3 2016 conference times - Sunday June 12th Europe: 4.00am (CEST, Monday) West Coast US: 7.00pm (PDT, Sunday) East Coast US: 10.00pm (EDT, Sunday) Microsoft E3 2016 conference times - Monday June 13th Europe: 6.30pm (CEST) West Coast US: 9.30am (PDT) East Coast US: 12.30pm (EDT) PC Gaming Show E3 2016 conference times - Monday June 13th Europe: 8:30pm (CEST) West Coast US: 11.30am (PDT) East Coast US: 2:30pm (EDT) Ubisoft E3 2015 conference times - Monday June 13th Europe: 10pm (CEST) West Coast US: 1pm (PDT) East Coast US: 4pm (EDT) Sony E3 2016 conference times - Tuesday June 14th Europe: 3am (CEST, Tuesday) West Coast US: 6pm (PDT, Monday) East Coast US: 9pm (EDT, Monday) Nintendo E3 2016 conference times - Tuesday June 14th Europe: 6pm (CEST) West Coast US: 9am (PDT) East Coast US: 12pm (EDT)


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