Couple of deals for Monday!

First one for today is The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition on GMG. With the voucher code (GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS) the game is only $9.60. It’s DRM free (non-Steam).



Another one is Supreme Commander Gold Edition for only $6.00 or 4,50€/£4.50 on GamersGate. It activates on Steam without any problems.,

Supreme Commander Logo

Dungeon Siege 3 Collection is pretty cool too, price varies from £3 to almost 5€. You can check it out here. This is also Steam redeemable.




Last one for now is Ridge Racer Unbounded for 10€ or £8. Game redeems on Steam just fine like the others. You can get it here.


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Weekend Deals 22.02.13 (Updated!)

Hi, we’ll start a little bit earlier today. I will be adding more deals as they show up through out the next few days. So far we have a few good ones. Cheers!



GameFly has some deals as well including Brutal Legend, Lego games, NFS games and more. Click here to see them now.




Another one from GMG is Assassin’s Creed at 75% off and more!


Green Man Gaming has a pretty good promotion right now. When you buy BioShock Infinite you’ll get BioShock and one game to chose from the list. Check the details here.



GamersGate: There’s also a sale for Battlefield things on GamersGate (EA Games sale mentioned below), premium goes for $20 (USA). Check it out!

GetGames – Get loaded with Square Enix games is now live. Check out their different options, it’s pretty cool.

Get Games

Origin is having a Battlefield 3 sale, hard to tell how much are those off but I think it’s around 40-50%, for Poland at least.

BF3 Sale


Good Old Games is having a 60% off sale for a few games, check them out here.

Apogee Action Weekend


GamersGate is having a EA Weekend with most of their games 30% off and daily deals until Sunday. However it seems that it’s only for USA at this moment. Use VPN at your own risk, keys should work in Origin. Might be available in Europe later.




Achtung Panzer: Operation Star is for 7.50€/£. It’s DRM free (non-Steam). I would literally die if I play another World War II game though.




There’s also The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition for only 7€ or £5. The game is DRM free (non-Steam).




Amazon is having a sale for the new Tomb Raider which is about $33 when you use the code CAGROCKS. Steam redeemable.


Steam is selling Thief Collection at 75% off. Game was good when it came out but at this moment I doubt I would play it, even for 6€…



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Weekend Deals 01.02.2013 (updated)

Sunday update:

Desura is having a sale for Cell: emergence for 0,77€.
GameStop is selling Skyrim a lot cheaper (Steam redeemable) although to me $40 for it is still too much.
Amazon is selling Duke Nukem Forever for a little over $5 (Stream redeemable).
GamersGate added another deal which is Death Rally for 2,24€ (Stream redeemable).
Green Man Gaming also added another deal for Just Cause 2 at $3.74 (Steam redeemable) and Sniper Ghost Warrior for $2 (non-Steam). Strike Suit Zero is a little more but it’s a new game, you can get it for $12 (Steam redeemable) with this coupon GMG25-T6JV8-1NPBA.

Saturday update:

Updated the post with Sleeping Dogs deal at 75% off (activates on Steam).

Oh boy I haven’t done this in a long time! Here are some of the deals I’ve found for the weekend and since I might not have the time to update this post later I’m throwing in everything I found for the day and maybe more on Sunday.

Weekend Deals


Couple of GamersGate deals for the new week!

Talisman Prologue is at 33% off for Europeans it means it’s either 6€ or £4. You can grab it here. It’s DRM free.

Talisman Prologue

Also Of Orcs and Man is on sale too, for about 20€ or £15, I have no idea if it was any cheaper on Steam Holiday Sale but if you want it’s now 50% off. It’s not redeemable on Steam just like the other game above.


Of Orcs and Man

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Good Old Games: Hotline Miami $4.99

Weird game Hotline Miami is at 50% on GOG, you can purchase it there and it will be added to you games list on GOG to download later. The game is of course DRM free (you cannot redeem it on Steam) which means you can install it pretty much anywhere at by simply launching the exe file.


Hotline Miami 50% off

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