Mirror’s Edge Catalyst €11.95 / £9.99 / $12.78

I never understood the appeal of this game, why would anyone want to jump around with a chick on buildings and such? But whatever floats your boat! It’s currently at 60% off and it’s an Origin key naturally. Get it right here.

Massive Summer Sale just started on Kinguin!

Steam’s Summer Sale starts in 2 days, meanwhile all of their competitors are having a lot of sales too! Check them out over here.

Massive Summer Sale

The highlights are:

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta invite!

Hey guys, I just got the closed beta access to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – I’m currently downloading the game. Also I’ve got an extra invite for Origin! If you want to get the key watch our Twitter profile today – I will post it randomly… :)

Beta Key Invite Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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