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These deals are all available until 1500 UTC August 5th: Bully: Scholarship Edition at 75% off Grand Theft Auto III at 75% off Grand Theft Auto IV at 60% off Grand Theft Auto: Vice City at 75% off Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City at 60% off L.A. Noire at 75% off Manhunt at 75% off Max Payne at 75% off Max Payne II at 75% off Max Payne…


Steam: Rockstar Games sells Max Payne 2…with cracked .exe!

Believe it or not but Rockstar Games is selling Max Payne 2 on Steam with a cracked executable file. Apparently the crack was created by one of the most popular cracker groups out there called MYTH. If you’re a gamer you probably realize who MYTH is/was in the past. Here’s an ASCII "Myth" logo hidden in the game’s .exe: Shame on you Rockstar!