Halloween Deals (31.10.2017)

Here are the best Halloween Deals for today, I know I'm probably super late but you can still get those until the end of the upcoming weekend I guess. Humble Bundle is looking fine today - see it here. Grey Goo Definitive Edition (RTS game! Appreciate it because it's a rarity these days!) is alone worth the $1. All Steam games naturally. See below for more offers. HALLOWEEN PROMO HALLOWEEN…


Halloween Giveaway 2016

Update: If you left your comment here it counts too, fuck it :D, I'll just pick winners from both places. It's here! This time around you will have a chance to win some nice Steam games including a few spooky, horror games. Simply go here and leave a comment. Winners are going to be picked at random.


Weekend Deals – Halloween Edition (30.10.2016)

Here are some special Halloween Sales just for you! If some store didn't have one it's either not on the list or a special horror game is presented. Our annual Halloween Giveaway starts tomorrow!!! 👺 👻 👽 Paris Games Week Halloween Sale Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR Halloween Sale + Crime Story Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR (fixed on 08.08.2016) Halloween Sale Scream Sale Halloween Sale Through The Woods €17.99 Special…


GamersGate: Halloween Sale

Halloween is just around the corner, GamersGate is one of the first stores with Halloween themed sale. Pretty much all fun horror games are now on sale. Featuring titles like: Resident Evil HD Remaster €10.99 Layers of Fear €10.00 ZOMBI €10.00 Resident Evil 5 €7.00 Resident Evil 6 €7.50 Killing Floor €3.59 (avoid the sequel if you can!) The Park €6.50 Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition €15.00 (this one is…