Steam sales incoming, new currencies almost here!

Steam is having 3 major sales soon, check out the list below!

Steam sales:

  • Halloween Sale starts on October 26th and ends on November 1st
  • Black Friday Sale starts on November 22nd and ends on November 28th
  • Winter Sale starts on December 21st and ends on January 4th 2018

Along with those they

GamersGate: Halloween Sale

Halloween is just around the corner, GamersGate is one of the first stores with Halloween themed sale. Pretty much all fun horror games are now on sale.


Featuring titles like:

  • Resident Evil HD Remaster €10.99
  • Layers of Fear €10.00
  • ZOMBI €10.00
  • Resident Evil 5 €7.00
  • Resident Evil 6 €7.50

Halloween Weekend Deals (31.10.2015)

Here are the spooky games for today guys :-[

Halloween Weekend Deals

I will try to update this post if something new comes up!


22% off voucher: WINTER-ISCMNG-22PERC

20% off voucher: SAVE20-NOVEMB-GAMING

GMG Halloween