Update on Big Fucking Giveaway 2, Gleam no longer supports Steam

Gleam no longer supports Steam community giveaways. Steam Community has started blocking Gleam.io. Here is the official announcement. Because of this problem the upcoming Big Fucking Giveaway 2 is going to be hosted on our site just as we did before (you just need to login and fill out the quiz!), it will probably keep on dying from all the traffic but it's going to last for a whole week…

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Days Under Custody Giveaway!

Here is another giveaway thanks to the Days Under Custody developer! Simply enter the competition to have a chance to win one of 10 Steam keys. This is our first Gleam giveaway, just testing out the platform. All you need to enter the competition is to join our Steam group! Days Under Custody Giveaway Winners will be picked on Monday (December 7th).