Quick look at Deponia Doomsday

Just got a another fun title to show you guys, Deponia Doomsday is a new installment of the award-winning Deponia series developed by German studio Deadelic Entertainment. If you haven’t heard of Deponia before I think you’re gonna like it, especially if you’re a fan of games such as Monkey Island or other older 2D point and click games!

Deponia Doomsday

The game tells a story of Rufus, a guy with wild dreams of escaping the junk covered world called Deponia. The original game was entirely in German and English version of the first game was released in 2012. The last two games (Chaos on Deponia and Goodbye Deponia) were both published in German, English and some other languages.

The gameplay is really classic and fun in which the player must interact with characters and objects in different ways – including picking up items and using/combining them, activating machines to further advance the plot line. If you like nice story based games and good humor this game is for you. I’m not gonna go into details about the story in Deponia Doomsday, instead see the first 25 minutes of the game on YouTube:

Here are some screenshots:

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The game obviously runs very good (running at 120 FPS for me most of the time, cutscenes are at 25 FPS) and looks gorgeous, the art style in this one really reminds me of something but I can’t really tell if it’s a TV show or a similar game. Not like it’s a bad thing.

The most surprising thing about this title is the fact that there are actually action elements in this game which is pretty uncommon for point and click genre. For example you have to open doors or switches by clicking your mouse button while someone is chasing you or move your mouse around some locks to do it right on time, it’s pretty entertaining, although I gotta admit I haven’t played point and click games in a while and this might not be new at all.

Deponia Doomsday is available in German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil and Russian. I think there will be some more added in the future considering the original had Polish language for example.

Thanks to Games Rocket for providing me with a copy of the game for testing!


Check out Deponia Doomsday for €22.49 €21.82 – it’s Steam redeemable!

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Quick look at Days Under Custody, giveaway soon!

Hey guys, another developer contacted me and provided a really nice indie title to giveaway and I’ve decided to introduce it with some screenshots and a gameplay video as usual. This time we’re playing an indie game in a pretty nice pixel art form. It’s a point and click adventure game with some spooky elements.

Desktop 30-11-2015 11-23-48-259

The game starts in your character’s room where some strange things happen and you have to check your house out for some items to get out. As the game progresses you have to check out the whole building and find more items and notes.

The game has some nice combination of point and click mixed with riddles and spooky atmosphere. This title supports Steam cards by the way:

Steam cards

Here is a quick gameplay video of mine!

Days Under Custody has been approved in the Steam Greenlight program and is now available on Steam. You can buy it for €3.99 in Europe because it’s currently at 20% off!

I will post a giveaway soon with a couple of keys to win please stay tuned! :) And thanks to Abraham Carreola for providing the key for testing.

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Quick look at Secret Ponchos, giveaway coming up!

Here’s a nice game. Just got a copy thanks to Switchblade Monkeys! Giveaway coming up soon with Secret Ponchos especially for you guys :D

Secret Ponchos

So what is the fuss all about? It’s a multiplayer game that combines elements of MOBA, fighting games and shooters.

Here’s a short gameplay video, sorry that I can’t aim ;D

I really like the style of the game graphics, it looks like something that would fit into Gorillaz video ;) The design of main characters is really good, reminds me of first days in TF2 back in 2007 :) You can level up your character (increase damage, health etc) and customize it with different skins.


The gameplay is really fast, I get my ass kicked all the time while playing against real players. You can find a lot of populated games to play so don’t worry about that – the game has bots as well. As far as I know in Early Access the game did not have AI bots so that’s a nice addition, meaning you won’t necessarily need your friends to have fun. On my pretty old GPU the game runs flawlessly so that’s nothing to worry about.


Giveaway of this fine game is coming up later today :) Stay tuned!

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