Valve fires few people, including Jason Holtman

Here’s some sad (?) news. Copy pasta from Gamasutra: Several employees were let go from Steam andHalf-Life maker Valve on Tuesday. The lay offs affected couple of employees (approx. 25) describing the incident include "great cleansing" and "large decisions." Affected employees were asked not to speak about specifics, but the impression we get is that these cuts were driven more by company challenges than by individual performance issues. After reports started circulating that Valve's director of business development Jason Holtman was no longer at the company, we thought we'd take a look at the company'semployee directory (no longer accessible at the time of this writing) and compare it to a versionscraped by The Internet Archive from last month. This is by no means an accurate indicator of who was let go yesterday -- some employees we know were never on this list to begin with, and it's possible that some left the company for other reasons in the interim -- but for the sake of trying to find a pattern to who is no longer at the company, we pulled together a roster of those who were no longer appearing as of our last check this afternoon. Moby FranckeAt Valve,…


We need some changes around here!

Hey, we've decided to reactivate this group and its website a little. You can expect a few subtle changes in the following weeks, from now on we'll try to focus on the things we cared about the most in the beginning - which is software pricing around the globe, DRM and availability of software in Europe (and other regions too!). We'd also like to address another letter to European Commission in the near future concerning the unavailability of Great Britain's Steam store in rest of the European Union's countries - which is against the EU law. We do have a plan for yet another lottery (yay!) but we can't go into any details just yet. But for your convenience we've upgraded the registration system on the site. Basically from now on you can sign in using your Facebook, Google, Twitter (very soon) and most importantly Steam ID! It's totally safe to use it so go ahead and register if you haven't yet. We will never use your e-mail address or any other method of contact to spam you with shit. We are also happy to announce that we have a brand new member on board - Hellfire, I am sure…


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