Rockstar Games sale and more on Green Man Gaming!

These deals are all available until 1500 UTC August 5th: Bully: Scholarship Edition at 75% off Grand Theft Auto III at 75% off Grand Theft Auto IV at 60% off Grand Theft Auto: Vice City at 75% off Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City at 60% off L.A. Noire at 75% off Manhunt at 75% off Max Payne at 75% off Max Payne II at 75% off Max Payne…


Weekend Deals 01.02.2013 (updated)

Sunday update:

Desura is having a sale for Cell: emergence for 0,77€.
GameStop is selling Skyrim a lot cheaper (Steam redeemable) although to me $40 for it is still too much.
Amazon is selling Duke Nukem Forever for a little over $5 (Stream redeemable).
GamersGate added another deal which is Death Rally for 2,24€ (Stream redeemable).
Green Man Gaming also added another deal for Just Cause 2 at $3.74 (Steam redeemable) and Sniper Ghost Warrior for $2 (non-Steam). Strike Suit Zero is a little more but it’s a new game, you can get it for $12 (Steam redeemable) with this coupon GMG25-T6JV8-1NPBA.

Saturday update:

Updated the post with Sleeping Dogs deal at 75% off (activates on Steam).

Oh boy I haven’t done this in a long time! Here are some of the deals I’ve found for the weekend and since I might not have the time to update this post later I’m throwing in everything I found for the day and maybe more on Sunday.



Couple of deals from GamersGate, Steam redeemable

Here’s Darksiders II for $15, 15€ or £10.49 for Europeans (which is not fair at all… but oh well) at 70% off if it’s original price. Additionally it’s DLC (season pass) is also on sale right now for something around 5€ all around the world. The game and it’s DLC is Steam redeemable.     Ridge Racer Unbounded is also on sale on GamersGate, nearly 7€ or £5 for Europeans.…