Save 66% on Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes 2, and the DLCs (Steam keys, 15-20% off coupons inside)

USA Link:!/promotion/499 EUROPE (incl. UK) Link:!/promotion/500 Here are the coupons that can be used with these products. The 20% coupons require a minimum purchase level to be used, while the 15% coupons will work with all of the titles: Coupon Site Discount Minimum APR20OFF US 20% $9.99 APR15OFF US 15% None UKAPR20OFF UK 20% £6.99 UKAPR15OFF UK 15% None


New Humble Bundle is sweet, THQ games for 5 bucks!

Check out the newest Humble Bundle. I was really skeptical after seeing the announcement of a new bundle but when I saw it I got it right away. For just around $5 you’re getting: Company of Heroes with all add-ons Metro 2033 Red Faction: Armageddon Darksiders Saints Row The Third (when you pay above the minimum) Warning! Saints Row The Third does not want to activate in Germany although Humble…


Company of Heroes Online: soon to be released in the West

Company of Heroes Online - the free-to-play version of the classic PC real-time strategy game that's previously only been available in Asia - is going to be released in the West, publisher THQ said today. Company of Heroes Western launch will see the original 2006 title essentially re-released. Multiplayer will become "persistent", requiring you to create a character then log hours and win matches to advance in rank. Or, if…


THQ Week On Now – A Different Deal Every Day

Good news! Gaming gigant THQ is giving away this week their games for a lowered price! Every day new deal!

Monday: Titan Quest Gold Edition

Tuesday: Company of Heroes (Complete Pack)

Wednesday: Dawn of War (Complete Pack)

Thursday: Saints Row 2 (75% discount)

Weekend deal: Red Faction (Complete Pack)