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  • Humble Company of Heroes Bundle is up!

    Well at least it’s not an indie bundle. If you like strategies and for some reasons haven’t played the Company of Heroes series you need to take advantage of that offer.

  • Company of Heroes titles on sale!

    Company of Heroes titles – one of my favorite RTS games of all time – are now available on GamesPlanet. See the promo page here (German and French sites also available). All games redeemable on Steam, worldwide!

  • Up to 75% off SEGA titles for a week

    Green Man Gaming and SEGA have joined forces to bring you the best prices across their games throughout the week! Head to GMG now where you can see today’s deals, with up to 75% off titles like Company of Heroes 2 (and DLC) ,Typing of the Dead: Complete Collection and more.

  • Save 66% on Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes 2, and the DLCs (Steam keys, 15-20% off coupons inside)

    USA Link: http://digital.gamefly.com/#!/promotion/499 EUROPE (incl. UK) Link: http://digital.gamefly.co.uk/#!/promotion/500 Here are the coupons that can be used with these products. The 20% coupons require a minimum purchase level to be used, while the 15% coupons will work with all of the titles: Coupon Site Discount Minimum APR20OFF US 20% $9.99 APR15OFF US 15% None UKAPR20OFF UK…

  • Company of Heroes – Midweek Sale

    One of my favorite RTS games is now on huge sale on GamersGate. All of those are Steam redeemable. Go Rangers!!!

  • Even more deals on Green Man Gaming!

    Those guys are crazy, check out the new set of deals including Resident Evil Operation Racoon City, Natural Selection II, Company of Heroes Complete Pack and more! Those games are Steam redeemable.

  • New Humble Bundle is sweet, THQ games for 5 bucks!

    Check out the newest Humble Bundle. I was really skeptical after seeing the announcement of a new bundle but when I saw it I got it right away. For just around $5 you’re getting: Company of Heroes with all add-ons Metro 2033 Red Faction: Armageddon Darksiders Saints Row The Third (when you pay above the…

  • Company of Heroes Online: soon to be released in the West

    Company of Heroes Online – the free-to-play version of the classic PC real-time strategy game that’s previously only been available in Asia – is going to be released in the West, publisher THQ said today. Company of Heroes Western launch will see the original 2006 title essentially re-released. Multiplayer will become "persistent", requiring you to…

  • THQ Week On Now – A Different Deal Every Day

    Good news! Gaming gigant THQ is giving away this week their games for a lowered price! Every day new deal! Monday: Titan Quest Gold Edition Tuesday: Company of Heroes (Complete Pack) Wednesday: Dawn of War (Complete Pack) Thursday: Saints Row 2 (75% discount) Weekend deal: Red Faction (Complete Pack)