Steep open beta coming on November 18!

If you have no idea what Steep is it's a crazy sports game from Ubisoft presented last year, it's basically snowboarding, skiing and other winter sports on huge maps. Remember it's Ubisoft after all so I guess we can't expect much but it's really rare to see those sort of games on the PC, I always wanted to play the SSX series on my rig and the only good titles…


Battlerite: FREE closed beta keys inside!

Hey guys! Thanks to prawn I've received two three beta keys for Battlerite, the closed beta ends tomorrow. So if you're interested please go ahead and use one of the Steam keys below: 4MGDT-4X2MX-GFQ62 5NI69-NQVT4-3FHTF CH3GG-DZ96C-XPHN8 Please respect the NDA and don't post any screenshots, videos or streams from the beta until September 20th.