Humble 2K’s Game Together Bundle now live!

Take to the court in NBA 2K20, defend yourself against an alien invasion in XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete, or share the loot in Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Then return to Rapture and Columbia in BioShock: The Collection, step inside the ring in WWE 2K20, and much more! Click here to check it!


2K Games thinks you’re a moron

NBA 2K19 developer 2K asked players to "contact local government" about the Belgian loot box ban. One of the 2K's senior producers told Trusted Reviews (via PCGamesN) that its games' Virtual Currency "is an unfortunate reality of modern gaming." We all know that loot boxes in games are literally like playing in casino but at least in casion you have a chance to gain some cash, in gaming buying textures and sounds for really…


2K Multibuy on GMG – 5 games for 30€!

It's simple - just pick a total of three games for £15/€24/$24, four games for £18/€28/$28 or five games for £20/€30/$30. Then follow these simple steps... Select any game on the Multi-buy page Hit 'Buy Now' to add to your basket Add more games to the basket from the Multi-buy page - to make a total of 3, 4 or 5 games Check-out and the Multi-buy price will be applied…

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GamesPlanet: List of deals for the weekend, 2K games on sale!

Here are some deals that you’ll be able to get on GamesPlanet: Title Start End Promo Price in GBP Borderlands 2 GOTY 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 19,99 NBA 2K14 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 14,99 XCOM: Enemy Unknown 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 7,50 XCOM: Enemy Within 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 10,00 BioShock Infinite 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 6,66 The Bureau: XCOM Declassified 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 5,00 Spec Ops: The Line 20/02/2014 23/02/2014 5,00 Dark Souls - Prepare to Die Edition 21/02/2014 23/02/2014…


Vote in the Golden Joystick Awards and get free games from Green Man Gaming!

Green Man Gaming are the headline sponsor for the Golden Joysticks 2013, and to mark the event we're offering everyone who votes the chance to pick up a free copy of either Civilization V or Mafia II. The same goes if you've already voted! Make sure you thank 2K Games, too, as this wouldn't be possible without them. Details here. The games are Steam redeemable!


Lots of new deals and new 20% off voucher on GameFly!

Each sale starts at 6:00PM London Time on the Start Date. Save 50% to 80% on these titles. The lengths of the sales vary from game to game so make sure you review this. The first 6 games are flash sales for 1 day and the rest run from 9/8 to 13/8. EXCLUSIVE CODE: We also have an exclusive 20% off code for digital titles - GFDAUG20UK From 10am To…


4 days of 2K Games Sales in Steam

First requirement: Join the official 2K Games group in Steam.

Possibility to win ALL 2K GAMES in Steam!


Thursday, 14th April 2011


Own item from Civilization V sale. All titles with 40% discount!

We all from ex-Tier 3 thank Steam for selling us ONLY the DLC’s and not the MAIN GAME ITSELF!!!

But when comparing to other Tier countries, we found that Spain and Inca DLC pack is with GOOD price, other DLC’s (except maps) have somewhat good price.

The game itself, map DLCs and map pack DLC have unfair 1$=1€ price.



Bioshock 2 with “great” price

(click on the picture to see the deal)

You probably all remember nice hit-game Bioshock that collected many awards and so on. Now it is time for sequel. But like usually, there are no good things without bad things. The good thing is that you can get Bioshock 1 for free, you can give the extra copy to your friend, if you already have one. And there is now multiplayer! Achievements! DLC‘s! And somekinda social networking based on Games for Windows live.

And the bad thing is the price for Europeans, except United Kingdom citizens.

US: $49.99 $44.99 (~32€)
UK: £39.99 £26.99 (2% lower) <- 33% discount not 10% like the others!!!!!
EU: 49,99€ 44,99€ (43% higher)