Steam: All-new chat UI design now in beta!

I think it's safe to say that after 10 years Steam is finally changing it's user interface - and it looks great! You can check out the official website here and join the beta now to check it out on your own PC. Keep in mind that it's still has some small bugs and problems. Hopefully complete Steam redesign comes shortly after that because the current program is a joke…


E3 2018: EA Games highlights

Here are the highlights from the EA conference! EA Games You can watch the EA show on YouTube by clicking here. BFV Multiplayer Can move defensive weapons (artillery) Better destruction system Customize everything (player, vehicles, weapons, etc.) Reiterated no lootboxes, no season pass Battle Royale Grand Operations Another trailer shown BFV Singleplayer Follows different characters in WW2 similar to BF1’s story mode FIFA 19 New champions league mode FIFA 18…

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Steam sales incoming, new currencies almost here!

Steam is having 3 major sales soon, check out the list below! Steam sales: Halloween Sale starts on October 26th and ends on November 1st Black Friday Sale starts on November 22nd and ends on November 28th Winter Sale starts on December 21st and ends on January 4th 2018 Along with those they will gradually introduce new currencies and regional pricing.


New European Union law to forbid geoblocking in early 2018!

The European Commission is putting it's hands on the Internet once again. This time it could be really good for us. The earlier mentioned Steam region blocks case can do more harm than good. Just image how bad it would be for the Eastern European countries if they just generalize the prices to fit all regions. Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and others are going to get higher prices, no doubts here.…