Stadia has officially gone 40 days without a new game

It seems that Google has forgotten about Stadia and it's subscribers and haven't updated the service in a while. Their subscriptions are almost up and it's really interesting to see if they extended the service...or abandon it. Please follow this reddit thread for more info. Meanwhile Microsoft's xCloud is adding new titles every now and then, even though it's still in beta.


Google Stadia is coming to town

If anyone remember's OnLive streaming service you probably rolled your eyes today seeing that Stadia announcement. But this time that kind of service might actually work because it has millions of dollars behind it and potential user base is huge. Play anywhere straight from YouTube Imagine playing the Doom remake in 4K @ 60 FPS on your smartphone, crappy tablet, Chromecast (which means your Smart TV too!) or notebook. Just plug-in the gamepad and everything should work flawlessly. Can't really say if they are going to provide mouse and keyboard support at the moment. The “console” is essentially servers and data centers, your progress and saves are synced across platforms. As they nicely said on XDA Developers: They demonstrated an example of watching a trailer for a video game on YouTube. You could tap a button at the end of the trailer to quickly jump into the game in as little as 5 seconds. No booting up your console or waiting for game updates to install. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using, the game can easily be transferred mid-game to other devices. This right here is a no brainer, you see a game, you love it and jump right…

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