Windows 10 Professional OEM €14.39 / £12.44 / $15.35

There is a sale on SCDKEY guys, they are selling legit Windows 10 Pro keys for really cheap! It’s an OEM key, redeemable globally.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. hanjing

    I’m running Windows 10 S as my main OS, and I kind of like it!
    I spend a lot of time to find the greatest Windows 10 Professional OEM Key. Then I find it in NOKEYS. It only cost me $11.06.
    If you need Windows 10 Professional OEM Key , you can open this website “” !

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  2. stranded

    I got the info from the store that they keys are from legitimate re-seller. They’ve probably bought those in bulk, I would buy one if I need it. And it’s not exactly $100 for the Pro OEM version, at least not worldwide.

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  3. Vice

    Look, it’s $15 for a Windows 10 Professional key which normally costs about $100.
    They obviously didn’t get those that cheap from Microsoft or from anyone else with Microsoft permission to sell them to you.
    They might work, probably will so they can even sell enough of them, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t or stops working after a while.

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  4. Piyoosh

    Any comments people? Are these keys really genuine and legitimate?

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  5. Piyoosh

    Are these system builder keys? From what I’ve read around, such keys are usually systembuilder keys and such distribution may not be legit.

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