Valve to release Duke Nukem Forever?

I can’t believe it myself but if it’s true… Yesterday Valve updated their Valve Software website. New look a lot Mac-like stuff but that’s not it, they posted an image with something very weird which disappeared after few minutes.

Hopefully 4chan users managed to grab a screenshot of it and here it is:

As you can see we got a lot of stuff going on here, first of all 61810 which can be June 18th 2010 (6.18.10). Secondly, look below there’s Source Engine logo but look closer, it says Source 2, then we have EA and T2 logos.

BUT there is more, someone manipulated with the image and here’s what showed up:

That’s right, it’s the Duke. But is it true? I guess we’ll find out on June 18th.


  • It’s Duke Nukem Forever, now appropriated by Valve.
  • Kleiner with an ammo belt (HL2: Episode 3).
  • It’s a new source engine for a new Half-Life game (HL3).
  • It’s fake.

What do you guys think?


PS Read their thread for a lot of crazy stuff, like this secret website.

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  1. Shoden

    Strange stuff indeed.. I remember seeing Duke Nukem this morning on Steam! But now it’s GONE O_O;

    I think there were having some technical difficulties or released by mistake. But IT was there and I didn’t know why did they remove it from game list!!

    Anyone knows why or have any clue?

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  2. Alan

    Is it real or fake? Please confirm.

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  3. Fail

    It’s fake. Gabe Confirmed it. Don’t believe me? Email him.

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    i think Valve is honorable enough to release Duke Nukem Forever and if 3D Realms has closed doors then they should be the ones to develop the game after theese 10 years of waiting instead of wait for 10 more to go :)))

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  5. Nukum

    man! what are you guys waiting for ?-Christmas?? …

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  6. Nukum

    duke is the best valve must release this game honey

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  7. D


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  8. dukelord

    hurry up Valve !!! so i can play Duke Nukem 4ever finally already …

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  9. Dukelord

    hurry up Valve so i can play Duke4ever finally already …

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  10. D

    why don’t let DNF be released baby ? may valve do it if not 3d realms !pleade let it be brother.peace.

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  11. itchy239

    I dont se a shit about this today and the 18 june i dont se a shit and i cant wait any more i want Duke Nukem Forever now please Valve release this fucking good game and not let DUke Nukem Forever die

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  12. stranded


    Valve literally bought Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat and Team Fortress series and labeled them after.

    So yeah, they made HL games.

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  13. Rad86N

    who the fuck gives so many thumbs down..

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