New games coming to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC!

Recently Microsoft made a deal with Rockstar Games and you can now play Grand Theft Auto V on your Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear on Xbox Game Pass for PC. However, there are some news that you can expect Frostpunk and FTL to come to Xbox Game Pass for PC really soon! Checkout the list below!


#X019 highlights, Microsoft just killed Stadia, Age of Empires IV, The Witcher 3 coming to Game Pass!

If you've seen the conference few hours ago you probably know what's going on. They've introduced a lot of new titles and showed stuff that was unexpected. Here are the highlights from the conference! xCloud - play your games anywhere (PC, Android) First of they've finally revealed the details about xCloud and the best thing about it is that it comes with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Meaning you pay for your subscription and xCloud is going to be included right there in it, so you will be able to jump into your Game Pass games straight away. Unfortunately they are planning to launch it in waves, US and UK is first, then Canada, Western Europe, India and Japan. Then probably the rest of the world. And this is what's probably going to crush Stadia, their offer is nowhere near as huge as Microsoft's. Age of Empires IV trailer reveals the graphics and gameplay! What else can I say? Check it out! Xbox Game Pass gets more games, play The Witcher along with Netflix premiere That was an absolutely huge move, they picked the right titles and The Witcher is going to be really popular during the holiday season.…


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