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  • Play iconic 20 Bethesda games on Game Pass

    Play iconic 20 Bethesda games on Game Pass

    Microsoft now officially owns Bethesda and tomorrow the Game Pass service will include 20 Bethesda games! From now on all Bethesda games will be exclusive to Game Pass – meaning Xbox and Windows PC.

  • Big Fat Bethesda Sale on GamesPlanet – up to 80% off!

    Crazy good Bethesda sale on GamesPlanet today :D Check out the games below, all keys are the same but prices are different on each regional price, feel free to chose any site. All games are Steam keys except for the Elder Scrolls Online obviously. Games UK (£) FR (€) DE (€) ~ USD Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition £4.99…

  • Here are some nice Weekend Deals!

    Update #2: Added Far Cry 4 deal on Games Republic. Update: Added Far Cry 3 deal on Games Rocket. Here’s a list of the best deals for the weekend and we have many to promote!!! :) Voucher for 20% off: GMGSUM-MERSAL-E20OFF. The best deals listed below: Game % Discount GBP EUR USD Doom 3 75%…