Russian hackers exploit UPlay and download games for free… including the unreleased Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Ubisoft’s uPlay launcher has been hacked by Russian hackers, allowing them to download the service’s games for free. Their software tricks the launcher into thinking the user already owns a particular game, allowing them to download it for offline play and bypassing the uPlay DRM security measures. An image, published by Gameranx, shows the client downloading Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – which appears to already be on the servers…


Weekend Deals 08.03.13 (updated!)

Hello game lovers. Today is a special day, for women that is. So women of SteamUnpowered have a lovely day! Here are the deals for this weekend. Spring Lottery coming up somewhere near the first day of spring!!!

Weekend Deals

Update #1: Added lots of deals from GMG + 20% voucher code.
Update #2: New voucher for GMG Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 30% off.
Update# 3: Added Crysis 2 Maximum Edition 80% off and Sonic All-Stars Racing 50% off on GMG.
Update #4: NiGHTS into dreams on GamersGate 4€/£3, Steam redeemable.
Update #5: Added deals from Steam.



Ghost Recon Online open beta launched for VIP members

Update: I would like to stress that this game uses uplay/ubisoft login, but DOES NOT use the uplay launcher! Oh and GRO will launch for everyone aug 3rd forum post as a proof I know this might not be the right time to promote a Ubisoft game, but I couldn't keep this to myself. I was a big fan of this title even thought I received an invitation to join…


Uplay as vessel for malicious software

I usually like titles with a pun or something on those lines, attempting to find a funny side even in a disaster. Not this time. Not when the threat is so dangerous and imminent. According to this article there's a huge hole in Uplay's browsers plugin which lets anybody run potentially anything on the victim's computer. I haven't tested it personally having never installed Ubisoft's Uplay and never planned to…


Assassin’s Creed, Might and Magic, Settlers unplayable during Ubisoft server switch

Online modes for the majority of Ubisoft games will be impacted next week when the company moves its gaming servers. PC and Mac gamers will find several games completely unavailable online and offline. Ubisoft will start transitioning its online services from next Tuesday, 7th February. PC games scheduled to go dark include Tom Clancy's HAWX 2, Might & Magic: Heroes 6 and The Settlers 7. Mac gamers will lose access…


Uplay – it’s all about you!

Ubisoft is launching their new service called Uplay. I gotta say that the presentation on their website is stunning! What is Uplay? It’s just another service like Games For Windows Live or Steam Community. Basically you have so called Uplay Win which has accomplishments (achievements), points and other unlockable stuff that is synchronized with your consoles (XboX 360 and PS3) and the PC! Uplay Help has tutorials and walkthroughs created…